• Aimee

Myofascial Release Massage & Aromatherapy for Mental Health Related Issues

I have been working as a therapist for over 10 years and I have seen many clients struggle with mental health related issues including depression, anxiety, insomnia, mood instability and low self-esteem.

Unfortunately, today, so many people feel sadness, loneliness and are unable to love themselves.

Myofascial Release can improve your mental health

The ways to improve or even cure these conditions lie in understanding the importance of exercise, nutrition and learning and how to change toward a healthy thinking pattern (mindset.) But many people trapped and unable to move forward.

Myofascial tissue (the membrane surrounding muscles) wraps around your body much like a bodysuit. If this is damaged then your ability to move forward or take action will be drastically impaired.

There is significant evidence that releasing Myofascial tension can liberate captive emotions. Once this happens people can achieve ability to make profound positive changes.

A power of touching

There are numerous studies which show that gentle and slow touching, much like that of Relaxation Massage, releases Oxytocin and Serotonin. These hormones are often described as “Happy & Love Hormones. Levels of the hormone Cortisol, the chemical associated with inflammation, pain and stress, show a significant decrease.

Improvements in self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-compassion are just some of the wonderful benefits of touch therapy.


At “Essence of Being”, I use the technique of Myofascial Release with Aromatherapy.


Based on the above principles and combining a number of proven techniques which I have studied extensively, it is a beautiful relaxing yet highly effective therapy. The benefits include alleviating muscle tension, reduction of pain, release of trapped or rigid emotions, rebalance of the autonomic nervous system. The overall effect is to move and purify your energy resulting in a surge of happiness which can last for a significant period after therapy.

Myofascial Release & Aromatherapy can significantly improve a range of mental health related issues.