• Aimee

Thank you for supporting me in 2018!

🌟Thank you for supporting me in 2018!🌟 . I have had quite a journey, this year. . It was a big move to start up my business in a new country. To be honest, I had lots of fears about my decision and doubts about myself - “Am I really good enough to do this?” . However, there was nothing to stop me taking this wonderful opportunity because I truly LOVE what I do even though I have been working as a Massage/Aroma Therapist for over 10 years - I believe this is my calling. . . There have been many ups & downs since I started this journey in Cairns but I am always encouraged by my amazing clients and I am getting more passionate about what I do when I see such significant changes after they complete the therapy. . I continue to learn and grow during this exhilarating journey and my ambition is to, as much as possible, return some healing , positive energy to many people I treat through my business. Thank you to all my clients, friends, family who have helped and supported me on this beautiful journey. . . I wish you all the best possible new year and I hope for your continued support throughout 2019. . . Blessings, . Aimee O’Connor